The Calabash plant can be transformed into food, visual art, music maker, chalice, water pipe, serving dish, cooking utensil, even a funky kind of knapsack.

Calabash restaraunt shares this transforamtive power through it’s multi-faceted use of space. The art is on the walls, in your ears, and on your plate. Food, music, gallery space.

The gallery space located in the downstairs lounge is an integral component of the Calabash concept. Taking art out of the white cube of private galleries, and bringing it into everyday interaction. Local and community artists are given a forum to display their work.The lounge is designed as an area where artists, writers, slackers, community activists, can chill, and take inspiration. Calabash brings the social European cafe vibe to the D.T.E.S. The emphasis on art at Calabash keeps the right energy flowing in, and through it’s environment. Roger, Sam and Cullin, the owners, wanted to create more than a restaraunt that was a place to eat, and so Calabash is a place to be. The atmosphere and it’s artistic components are something to be experienced as much as the cullinary delights at it’s core.