Saturday and Sunday 10am-3pm

 Fresh Baked Goods

Roti, dumplings and salara. Choice of guava or mango butter $7

Calabash Brunch Platter

Two sunny side up free-range eggs, fried plantains, roasted cumin potatoes, fresh-cut fruit, with your choice of:
Jerk pork belly, veggie patty or house-made jerk turkey sausage $13

Rise & Shine Roti

Jerk scrambled free-range eggs, roasted cumin potatoes, tomato & garlic choka, coconut rundown hollandaise. Served on an open roti with your choice of: Jerk pork belly, veggie patty or house-made jerk turkey sausage $13

Ackee & Saltfish with Dumplings

A classic Jamaican breakfast. Saltfish, ackee, bell peppers, red onions and tomatoes. Served with rice and peas, coconut dumplings $14.50

Brunch Bowl

Two poached free-range eggs, rice and peas, fried plantains, coconut rundown hollandaise, with your choice of: Oxtail stew $14, Vegetable curry $11, Goat Curry $13, Free-range chicken curry $12, Jerk beef stew $12

Salara French Toast

Fresh baked traditional Guyanese coconut bread, fresh-cut fruit, banana cream, spiced mango maple syrup $12

Escovitch Fish

A traditional Caribbean breakfast. Pan-seared fish, tangy Escovitch sauce, fried plantain, fresh cucumber, rice and peas $14

Caribbean Crab Cakes

Crab cakes (rock crab, saltfish, baby shrimp), two poached free-range eggs,coconut rundown hollandaise, roasted cumin potatoes, mixed greens $16

Jerk Veggie & Potato Hash (Vegan)

Sauteed jerk veggies, roast cumin potatoes, fried plantains, roast akee, and coconut rundown $12.50 – Add a free-ranged egg $2, two free-ranged eggs $4

Free-range Jerk Chicken Waffles

Housemade waffles, free-range jerk chicken, jerk sauce, fresh fruit, and spiced mango maple syrup $14



  • House-made jerk turkey sausage $3
  • House-made crisp jerk pork belly $3
  • Coconut rundown hollandaise $2.50
  • Fresh-cut seasonal fruit $8
  • Roasted cumin potatoes $3
  • House-made roti $4
  • Sliced salara bread $3.50
  • Coconut dumplings (2) $2.50
  • House-made veggie patty $3
  • Fried plantains half $4.5 / whole $8
  • Goat cheese $3
  • Brie cheese $3

House-made Sauces & Butters:

Jerk, veggie jerk, dahi, jerk aioli, Jamaican ketchup, tamarind sauce, mango honey butter, guava butter $2/each

Brunch Drinks

* Boozy *

Calabash Dark & Stormy

Ginger-infused Goslings rum, house-made ginger beer,
Angostura bitters, ginger syrup $10

Sorrel Rum Punch

Appleton rum, sorrel flowers, fresh ginger, cinnamon, allspice and cloves $9

Coconut Jumby

El Dorado 3 year old rum shaken with coconut water, agave syrup, muddled lemongrass, mint and lime zest $11

Calabash Caesar or Bloody Mary

Flor de Cana 4yr, choice of clamato or tomato juice, Worcestershire sauce, house-made pepper sauce & jerk spice. Garnished with spicy beans, cucumber & fresh pineapple $9


Pares Balta organic sparkling wine & choice of fruit juice combo $7
*Orange *Grapefruit and Rhubarb *Passion fruit and Guava *Soursop *Mango

* Virgin *

Resiprocate Coffee $2.95
Marley Coffee $3.50

Fair trade, certified organic, kosher, halal

Lassis $8.5

A traditional Indian drink made withyoghurt, fresh fruit & spices.Your choice of: 
*Mango, fennel seed, sea salt, kaffir lime
*Mint, rosewater, honey, cardamom, pistachio
*Banana, cashew, vanilla, honey

House-made Ginger Beer $4.5

Coconut Water $4.5

Ting Grapefruit soda $4.5

House-made Sorrelade $4.5

Hibiscus flowers brewed with ginger, citrus and soda

Juices $4

Pineapple, guava, cranberry, passion fruit, soursop, orange juice, grapefruit


Selection of wines & beer available,
please ask your server.