Live Music & Late Nights

The downstairs lounge area of Calabash hosts Foundation Radio, a live music collective that plays roots, reggae, jazz, blues, motown and funk music. Calabash has created an intimate live venue that Vancouver needs for smaller bands and musicians to rise up, and grow their talent. Music is the voice of history in the Caribbean, from the drum circle of the Nyabinghi, to the modern day reggae legends who gave the poor peoples a voice, and a pride in their nation. Music is the vital link for Caribbean the diaspora to maintain strong connections to their mother cultures. British reggae legends Steel Pulse once said “We must create our scene/We must re-capture our culture by any means.” Down Stairs in the lounge of Calabash that culture is thriving.

If you’re interested in performing at Calabash or showcasing your art on our gallery walls, email Roger[at]calabashbistro.com 

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