The roots of Calabash restaurant are in the owners shared passion for the creative arts.


Sam, Roger, and Cullin struck up their friendship through their common interest in music, literature, culture and cuisine. Calabash was a dream born in the conversations, mandatory after work drink sessions, and nights out demanded by the restaurant industry. Calabash restaurant is the crescendo of these individuals’ quixotic and diverse experiences, as world travelers, students of history, and fine dining professionals. Bringing 40 years of restaurant experience to the table, they have manifested the shared vision of a multi-functional space that is Calabash.

Sam Willcocks was one of the original founders of award winning Cassis Bistro, and has managed Vancouver’s Café Deux Soleils and Reef restaurants. Roger Collins is a world traveller, whose global music connections helped seed Foundation radio. Roger has refined his craft in the food service industry all over the globe, and most recently at the ultra successful Chambar. Cullin David has trained under Jean-Francis Quaglia, owner of Provence Marinaside, as his executive Sous chef for the past decade. These guys grew up in restaurants: Sam was a 14 year old dishwasher in an East Indian restaurant in England and Cullin was working in a fine dining restaurant as a cook when he was 16. Cullin’s travels into the heart of the Amazon rain forest with the Arawak peoples of Guyana, the last surviving aboriginal people of the Caribbean, give him invaluable insights into the origins of Caribbean cuisine. The atmosphere isaffordable, exquisitely flavourful, authentic.

Caribbean cuisine, served in a relaxed reggaecentric environment is manifested inside the doors of Calabash. Calabash, being a vessel for food, music, drink, and art, provides a platform for artists to display their work; this is a key element of theowners’ vision.

Calabash sends special thanks to those who have provided the opportunity for Calabash to grow into the D.T.E.S. community for years to come.